Rkn4075 programming cable

2020-02-28 21:09

The RKN4075 Programming Cable. provides the interface between a. computer and a portable radio for. programming with Radio Service. Software. which converts the DB25 to a DB9. connector for interfacing to a com puter with DB9 ports. The Programming Cable. require a Radio Interface. BoxHow can the answer be improved? rkn4075 programming cable

The RKN4075 Programming Cable provides the interface between a computer and a portable radio for programming with Radio Service Software. An adapter is supplied which converts the DB25 to a DB9 connector for interfacing to a computer with DB9 ports.

Motorola RKN4105, RKN4105A USB Programming Cable XTS 5000, 2500 Portables. Ribless does not require radio interface box. Compatible with XTS 5000, XTS 2500, XTS 1500, PR1500 series USB Programming Cable for Motorola GP328, GP338, GP360, HT750, HT1250 Etc. Similar to RKN4074, RKN4075 TAPPCM4U Programming Cables TAPaulk's USB rkn4075 programming cable Motorola RKN4075C Programming Cable; Zoom. Motorola RKN4075C Programming Cable. Be the first to review this product. SKU: RKN4075C MFR# : RKN4075, RKN4075C. Availability: Ships in 23 business days. 395. 39. Qty: Add to Cart Add to Quote. Add to Wishlist; Add to Compare; Share; Authorized Dealer:

Motorola Original RKN4075A: RibLess Programming Cable provide interface between computer and radio not compatible with rib (MultiLanguage manual). (RIB Radio Interface Box). For programming with Radio Service Software (not included) Adapter included is DB25 to rkn4075 programming cable

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