Ktunaxa language program

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Ktunaxa Language. The program aims to help students develop the skills, strategies and resources to support the revitalization of Ktunaxa language in their homes, their schools and their communities. To learn more about the Ktunaxa language, watch Living the Language Canada: The Ktunaxa, a short and fascinating documentary produced by Al Jazeera,Two videos Ktunaxa Pow Wow and Ktunaxa child's day . Summary, etc. : The Ktunaxa Resource Kit, for use in teaching early intermediate social studies, was developed in reponse to a need for more complete information on the Ktunaxa First Nation. ktunaxa language program

The Ktunaxa (; Kutenai pron. ), also known as Kutenai, Kootenay (predominant spelling in Canada) and Kootenai (predominant spelling in the United States), are an indigenous people of North America. There are four bands that form the Ktunaxa Nation and the historic allied and through intermarriage kindred Shuswap Indian Band in British Columbia, in Montana together with the Bitterroot Salish

identified Ktunaxa 220 speakers, while the 2006 census identified 200 speakers (Statistics Canada; 2001, 2006). The KNC Traditional Knowledge and Language program presented much lower numbers, however, asserting 24 fluent speakers all of whom are 65 years or older (Quinn, 2010). The Ktunaxa language speaking collective can be We also have a cultural program where all student learn the Ktunaxa language and participate in traditional cultural activities. Besides being a great place to come to school we also offer some practical benefits for students and parents which sets our school apart from all the other schools. ktunaxa language program This course is an introduction to the Basic Ktunaxa series with an emphasis on the structure and syntax of Ktunaxa at a basic level. It provides students with the opportunity to develop introductory skills in reading, writing, speaking and comprehending the Ktunaxa Language; the emphasis is on speaking and responding to basic commands and key phrases.

Introduction to Ktunaxa Language Program Information: This course can be used as either a required course or an elective towards a certificate, diploma or associate degree within several University Studies Programs. Delivery: This course is delivered online or face to face. ktunaxa language program Kutenai language. It is typically considered a language isolate, unrelated to the Salishan family of languages spoken by neighboring tribes on the coast and in the interior Plateau. The Kutenai also speak aqaniitnam, Ktunaxa Sign Language. Currently, the school has a population of approximately 93 students. Our smaller class sizes allows for more interaction between teachers and students. YNS offers a solid academic program which meets provincial learning outcomes as well as a unique program of Ktunaxa Language and Culture. Aug 18, 2016  Alina Simone. Anne Jimmie is 68 and one of the last native speakers of Ktunaxa, a language unrelated to any other. Ktunaxa Nations traditional lands sprawl from Idaho, Montana and western Washington into British Columbia which is where May 08, 2015 The Ktunaxa speech community has been a leader in using tech to drive language revitalization efforts, he said. Several projects, dating back to 2005, have pushed the envelope of coding languages and network architectures to gain insights into speech community activity.

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