Suntouch sunstat pro programmable thermostat

2020-02-20 13:51

This item SunTouch SunStat PRO II Programmable Floor Heat Thermostat WarmlyYours TCMEMBL054 Prodeso Heating Membrane Roll 54 sq. ft. SunTouch WarmWire (120V) Floor Heat Kit, 20 sq ft cable adaptable to any layout and adds luxury and comfort to any room under tilestone includes userfriendly Command Touch Programmable ThermostatThis SunTouch SunStat Command is an industry leading thermostat for controlling underfloor heating with a thin, sleek profile and large readable font. Features include a userintuitive programming menu, adjustable color display, energy usage monitoring, a help feature in suntouch sunstat pro programmable thermostat

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The SunStat PRO II programmable thermostat is easy to install and operate. Dual Voltage: V Easytofollow Startup Wizard RealTime Clock with automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment Larger and easier to read digital display with backlight shows time, day, temperature, etc Menu style programming for ease of use in creating a personalized schedule SunStat Pro Programmable Thermostat Model 14 from power supply to floor warming system 1. Preparation 1. Unpack your thermostat and make sure everything is in good condition: Thermostat Floor sensor Small screwdriver Mounting screws Wire nuts for wiring connections suntouch sunstat pro programmable thermostat The SunStat PRO Programmable Thermostat ( ) has been replaced by the SunStat Command ( ). . Main features associated with the SunStat PRO: Manufactured inhouse by SunTouch (not outsourced like many other brands), this first generation model was introduced in 2007.

Designed with a large backlit screen, the SunTouch SB SunStat Pro II Thermostat is a 7day programmable thermostat with a variety of programming options. This dualvoltage volt thermostat can drive up to 10 SunStat Relays. suntouch sunstat pro programmable thermostat Dec 22, 2010  The SunStat Pro Programmable control also include: 511 Day Programming allows for energy saving control Four Preset Program Schedules for easy setup One User Program Schedule for With SunStat floor heating thermostats, you control where and when your floor is heated. We provide a wide range of thermostats. You select the thermostat style and capabilities that work best for you. SunStat thermostats work with all SunTouch floor warming products, as well as floor heating products from many other manufacturers.

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