Nhs npfit programme

2020-02-18 19:27

I have a suggestion for the Queen: Perhaps the NPfIT (National Programme for IT in the NHS) should be renamed the National Programme of Failed IT in the NHS. No new acronym will be needed. For this pleasure, the UK has spent upwards of 13 billion.Sep 22, 2011  Dismantling the NHS National Programme for IT. The government today announced an acceleration of the dismantling of the National Programme for IT, following the conclusions of a new review by the Cabinet Offices Major Projects Authority (MPA). The programme was created in 2002 under the last government and the MPA has concluded nhs npfit programme

Rarely out of the headlines, the NHS National Programme for IT has been beset with an array of problems, raising passions on all sides. Issues faced by NPfIT include key elements of the programme being years late; escalating costs; suppliers running into difficulties; and, in some cases, a lack of support by doctors and health professionals.

The National Programme for IT in the NHS (NPfIT) was the largest public sector IT programme ever attempted in the UK, originally budgeted to cost approximately 6 billion over the lifetime of nhs npfit programme

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