Wells fargo citylift assistance program

2020-02-29 13:04

Sep 18, 2012 CityLIFT down payment assistance program by Wells Fargo. . Wells Fargo Bank has just rolled out a new program called CityLIFT down payment assistance program. One of the hurdles some first time home buyers encounter before they even start the home buying process can be saving for a down payment on a house. Well with this plan by Wells Fargo, that's no longer an issue.LIFT Programs. An initiative of NeighborWorks America and the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation. Since 2012, NeighborWorks America has collaborated with the Wells Fargo Foundation and local nonprofit organizations on LIFT programs in more than 60 locations, benefitting nearly 20, 000 families. wells fargo citylift assistance program

Down payment assistance grants cannot be used to purchase bankowned properties managed by Wells Fargo Premier Asset Services. The NeighborhoodLIFT program is a collaboration between Wells Fargo Bank, N. A. , Wells Fargo Foundation and NeighborWorks America, an independent nonprofit organization.

Oct 03, 2012  New homeowners in DC and Prince Georges County may be eligible for a 20, 000 grant to help with their down payment. This weekend at the Convention Center, Wells Fargo will introduce a new program, CityLIFT, which is designed to give potential homeowners a helping hand. The program offers grants of 20, 000 in down payment assistance, firstcome, firstserve, to those who meet Jan 07, 2013 Wells Fargo CityLIFT Program to Help Eligible Homebuyers With 15, 000 in Down Payment Assistance Grants to Buy and Live in the City of Baltimore 4. 5 million effort funded by Wells Fargo in wells fargo citylift assistance program Jan 07, 2013 The CityLIFT SM program in Baltimore is designed to provide down payment assistance and homebuyer education programs in areas most impacted by the financial crisis. The program was developed in connection with the 2012 settlement with the City of Baltimore and the U. S. Department of Justice, and is a collaboration between Wells Fargo Bank N. A

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