Worf holodeck program

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Returning to the Holodeck, Nikolai and Worf tell the Boraalans that they will lead them to a new home. As they travel, Worf and Rozhenko nearly come to blows when Worf learns that his brother has impregnated one of the villagers, and Nikolai tells Worf that he intends to remain with the Boraalans.Dec 03, 2013 The History of Robin Williams as the Genie Why He Quit and How They Got Him Back Cartoons 101 Duration: 8: 45. Cartoons 101 568, 261 views worf holodeck program

After a computer malfunction, Worf, his son Alexander Rozhenko, and Counselor Deanna Troi are trapped in an Old West holodeck program wherein the interactive characters physically resemble and have the same enhanced abilities as Data. In his quarters, Captain Picard is trying to record a piece

Alexander talks his father, Worf, into using some time off to go back to the ancient West. That is, they go back to the Old West as a Sheriff and his deputy. At first, it is easy, because he simply punches out the bad guy. But Alexander doesn't like it because it is too easy. So they up the odds by making the holodeck program more sophisticated. Worf is trying to find some bonding time with son Alexander and suggests the holodeck. Rather than engaging in classic Klingon battles, Alexander talks his father into an Old West simulation and Troi joins them. Worf is barely inside when the inevitable malfunction occurs thanks to how Data is being plugged into a ship interface. worf holodeck program Oct 09, 2012  Worf refuses, and is surprised when Frank grabs him with Datas full strength. When Worf tries to freeze the program, the holodeck does not respond, and Worf

Troi reminds Worf that since the scenario is a holodeck program, there are builtin safeguards. While they cannot end the program on command, it will terminate on its own if they reach the end of the story. With no other choice, Worf makes a deal with Frank to trade Eli for his son, hoping that will help bring about the program's end. worf holodeck program Aug 14, 2015 Worf and K'Ehleyr fight side by side in Worf's personal calisthenics holodeck program. Worf and K'Ehleyr fight side by side in Worf's personal calisthenics holodeck program. Level 2 Robert What is the species that Worf fights on the holodeck? Ask Question 16. In the below picture, this is an alien we see Worf fighting on a regular basis. Is there any reference to what it is, where it came from (somewhere near Q'onos I assume) or any contact made between these species and UFOP, or is it some random thing Worf has made to fight for The Klingon calisthenics program was a holodeck program favored by Lieutenant Worf for recreation when he served on board the USS EnterpriseD. The participants fought to the death against one or more holographic characters in a junglelike setting among ruined structures using melee weapons The holodeck is depicted as an enclosed room in which objects and people are simulated by a combination of matter, beams and fields onto which holographic images are projected, which appear solid to the touch. This matter is known as holomatter , and usually disintegrates when the virtualreality program is ended.

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