Forced migration studies programme

2020-02-29 05:37

The Forced Migration Studies Programme (FMSP) at the University of the Witwatersrand is a centre for academic research and teaching on migration, aid, and social transformation. Since its foundation in 1998, it has become a key reference point for academics, service provides, and policy makers.Navigate this complex global issue and become an effective advocate. DePauls MS in Refugee and Forced Migration Studiesthe first graduate refugee studies program in the U. S. will give you the right mix of theory and practical experience to prepare you to help immigrants, migrants and refugees around the world. forced migration studies programme

The African Centre for Migration& Society is Africas leading scholarly institution for research and teaching on human mobility dedicated to shaping global discourse on

The MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies enables you to explore forced migration through lectures, classes, seminars and individual and small group tutorials. During the academic year, students write a thesis, submit coursework and sit three formal written examinations. supporting IOMs partnership on HIV and Mobility in southern Africa (PHAMSA) Programme. This paper draws on a range of previously published reports relating to migration and health in South Africa, as well as published and unpublished research conducted by the authors and PhD and MA students within the Forced Migration Studies Programme, Wits. forced migration studies programme University of the Witwatersrand Forced Migration Studies Programme 3 their involvement will remain a feature of immigration policies for some time. In particular, it is likely that as migration increases in profile as an international governance issue, African police forces will be increasingly called upon to assist in enforcing immigration laws.

Masters in Forced Migration Studies Programme University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Master's degree University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg Write a review! Johannesburg. English. Request information Download Brochure. Want to find out more about this program? Fill in your details below and receive the brochure. forced migration studies programme

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