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2020-02-23 14:26

Component oriented programming is a method of decomposing a problem into major sections ( components ) each which has a particular role or domain of responsibility in solving the problem.Dec 20, 2014 A component architecture is compatible with object oriented. C# is both component and OO. A component architecture has the following important parts: Deployment of separate components as separate files. For C# , these are the. Net assemblies. component oriented programming wiki

Component Oriented Programming Language. Since the main thrust of (this section of) the page was to ascertain what features of C# make it a component oriented language, I thought it only fair to compare against the features of the java (well, j2ee) platform which are component oriented.

For example, I once created a specialized Delphi component, by inheriting the TDBLookupCombo implementation and modifying some behaviour, and by that definition I wasn't doing component oriented programming, and if creating components is not component oriented programming, then we really have a problem. CostinCozianu How can the answer be improved? component oriented programming wiki

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