Defensive driving program az

2020-02-24 19:56

Arizona's Defensive Driving Program. In an attempt to minimize the costs of making a simple mistake on the road while still keeping our streets safe, Arizona created its Defensive Driving Program to allow drivers the opportunity to learn from their mistakes without paying steep fines and living with a blemish on their driving record.Jul 03, 2015 Welcome to The Arizona Defensive Driving School! If you are looking for a quick, easy way to get an Arizona traffic ticket dismissed and stop points from appearing on your driving record, Arizona defensive driving school online is just what you need! We have been helping drivers dismiss citations and prevent auto insurance rate hikes since 1996. defensive driving program az

This web site contains information of specific interest to the public, defensive driving schools, and to those individuals who desire to attend a defensive driving school in the state of Arizona. To access a list of certified defensive driving schools by phone, call: . If you have questions, email to: [email protected] az. gov

In order to be eligible for an Arizona Defensive Driving Course there must be at least 12 months since your last violation which was dismissed by taking a defensive driving course. Drivers involved in a collision resulting in death or serious injury are not eligible. The Defensive Driving Program provides individuals who have received a minor traffic ticket an opportunity to attend a driver education class and have one eligible charge dismissed without appearing in court. Driving skills and knowledge of rules of the road defensive driving program az You must not presently be enrolled, or have completed any other traffic class for dismissal of a ticket in the State of Arizona in the past 12 months. If you hold a Commercial Drivers License, you are not eligible for the Defensive Driving Program. Your ticket must not have resulted from a

Drive Safe AZ Traffic School is fully certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to provide Defensive Driving classes. Our classroom format is very unique because we believe class should be fun! The fact is, people simply learn new information better when they are having a good time doing it! ONLY 44. 00 for Classroom Course, plus Court& State Fees! defensive driving program az ARIZONA DEFENSIVE DRIVING SCHOOL AZ Supreme Court& State Approved. Millions of ARIZONA drivers DISMISSED their Ticket and Lowered their Insurance with us. 100 OPEN BOOK, NO FINAL& The Cheapest School in ARIZONA. FREE Certificate Filling, FREE shipping. To register for a class online, view eligibility requirements and view a list of certified schools by county, log on to: Arizona Courts Defensive Driving School website; Attending. If attending a class online, you must complete the course 14 days prior to the extension date per DDS rules. Arizona Defensive Driving is a Supreme Courtapproved program that allows offenders to have their traffic ticket dismissed. A Defensive Driving School (DDS) provides a quick and easy way to have your Arizona traffic ticket dismissed and stop points from appearing on your driving record. Defensive Driving is Optional. Defensive driving in AZ is an optional course that does not need to be taken by anybody, but is strongly recommended. Defensive driving is a four hour class that you can take either in class, or online. The class is taken in place of paying a ticket, to avoid accumulating points on your record for eligible violations.

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