Program not uninstalling properly

2020-02-28 17:41

Mar 31, 2019 A program will not uninstall I'm trying to uninstall a program Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 1 and when i hit uninstall button it says that program can not be uninstalled cause it was not installed properly.Jun 30, 2009 Update 2: Okay, tried the program and it couldn't do anything because Tune Up is not listed in the installuninstall program list anymore. I did a system restore, to a point before my dad removed Tune Up, but I'm still having the same problem. program not uninstalling properly

Jun 20, 2015 I've been wondering, why when a program is uninstalled does it not uninstall every last bit of it? Will Windows 10 do a better job, or is it not as simple as that? It is not as simple as that. With modern technology most things are more complex than they appear. Modern applications are complex

Apr 09, 2009 Click on the program in question, and click the Uninstall button from above the list, or rightclick the program and then click Uninstall. Second method: Use uninstaller that comes with the program. Most professionally created programs (whether they are supplied as freeware or not) include an option to uninstall the program. Apr 29, 2008  Dont you hate it when you try to uninstall a program it either does not include an uninstaller or when using Add Remove Programs in Windows, there are several traces of the software left? It is definitely one of my bigger pet peeves just check out my iTunes uninstall rant. I came across a cool little program the other day that claims to do a much better job of uninstalling program not uninstalling properly Nov 12, 2007 What to do when Uninstall does not remove programs? by MOCAL November 11, 2007 11: 48 AM PST. I have a Dell Inspiron B130 notebook running Windows XP. A few weeks ago I installed 3 programs

Mar 31, 2008 In my opinion, the addremove programs option in windows is not good at all. Even if the programs gets uninstalled there will still be many leftovers that will remain forever on your hard drive. I agree with the use of an uninstaller program. They provide you with several options to uninstall the program as well as related files. program not uninstalling properly

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