Cooperative program percentages

2020-02-28 21:01

Apr 26, 2018  The most bewailed SBC statistic is the average percentage of undesignated receipts given by churches to the Cooperative Program. The figure stands at 5. 16 having declined from over 10 back in the days prior to the Conservative Resurgence. TheMay 01, 2013 Here are some Cooperative Program percentages: 5. 41 The percentage of the average SBC church's offering plate undesignated dollars given through the CP. 1. 78 The percentage of the average SBC church's offering plate undesignated dollars that will end up at SBC entities, the mission boards, seminaries, ERLC, and Executive Committee. cooperative program percentages

Cooperative Program and Associational Percentages Percentage giving for world missions through the Cooperative Program is the ideal plan to be used by Southern Baptist churches. Members feel that this is the best way to share proportionately and increase mission giving as God blesses their churches.

If your total church budget has been determined, and your church wants to give a set percentage through the Cooperative Program: In this example, we will use a total church budget of 220, 000 with 10 for Cooperative Program and 3 for associational missions. Churches that did not report their Cooperative Program giving on the Annual Church Profile gave the remaining 4. 68 percent of CP gifts 22, 523, 180 through their state Baptist conventions. For the first time since fiscal, the percentage forwarded by the churches through the Cooperative Program did not decline. cooperative program percentages

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