Scf paralegal program

2020-02-18 16:55

ParalegalLegal Assisting. The SCF ParalegalLegal Assisting Program is a voting member of the American Association for Paralegal Educators (AAfPE) and is considered by that organization to be substantially in compliance with American Bar Association (ABA) requirements for paralegal programs.The Paralegal Online Training Program will prepare you for success in this growing career field. Youll learn about the U. S. legal system, how to conduct legal research and legal interviews, how to perform legal analyses, and more. Your training will prepare you to become a legal secretary or paralegal and to take the certification exam. scf paralegal program

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The Legal Assisting Program has a recommended sequence that includes both general and specialized program courses. Please see the ParalegalLegal Assisting Program manager for additional information. Articulated credit from a technical collegesecondary school may be applicable. Program Goal. The Legal AssistingParalegal Advanced Technical Certificate is designed to enable students who already hold any college degree (other than the legal assisting A. S. ) to take paralegal training at State College of Florida, ManateeSarasota (SCF) and qualify to take the National Paralegal Certification (CLA) exam. It further scf paralegal program Associate in Science (A. S. ) in ParalegalLegal Assisting Program Goal. To educate paralegal s with an effective balance of legal knowledge and practical skills. To prepare the student for work in the legal profession upon graduation and to sit for the National Legal Assistant Certification Exam.

FAQs Paralegal Program. Check frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answers you need, please don't hesitate to contact the Paralegal Program Manager. Q. What is the difference between a Legal Assistant and a Paralegal? A. There is no difference. Legal scf paralegal program

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