Low level programming language characteristics

2020-03-29 06:23

Computer programming languages are divided into 2 types: low level languages and high level languages. There are 2 low level languages machine language and assembly language.Among the greatest advantages of a lowlevel programming language is the ability and freedom to exercise precise control over things such as memory usage and processing time. This means that programs written in a lowlevel language should make very efficient use of system resources, low level programming language characteristics

Nov 09, 2017 Machine Code and LowLevel Languages. Lowlevel programming languages add a bit of abstraction to the machine code. This abstraction hides specific machine code instructions behind declarations that are more human readable. Assembly languages are the lowestlevel languages next to machine code. In machine code,

How can the answer be improved? Low level programming language is a language that is not very abstracted from hardware layer. low level programming language characteristics

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