Infection control annual programme

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ANNUAL INFECTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL REPORT April 2016 March 2017 Reference Number Version Status Executive Lead(s) Author(s) Section 4: Report on the Infection Prevention& Control Programme The main focus this year has continued to be the Infection ControlDeveloping an Infection Control Program. Infection control in the 1990s was influenced by the reform of the healthcare system when managed care networks became the preferred method for delivery of healthcare. Infection control programs had to encompass not only hospitals but also the longterm care facility, home healthhospice, infection control annual programme

Appendix 2 Infection Prevention and Control Annual Programme and Action Plan Introduction. The Infection Prevention and Control Annual Programme is a requirement of the Hygiene Code. The programme is intended to set objectives that meet the needs of the organisation and ensure the safety of service users.

3. Infection prevention and control program performs an annual facility infection risk assessment that evaluates and prioritizes potential risks for infections, contamination, and exposures and the programs preparedness to eliminate or mitigate such risks. The Trust Infection Control and Prevention Strategy and Action Plan has been developed in response to the Welsh Assembly Government Healthcare Associated Infections A Strategy for Hospitals in Wales issued in July 2004. The WAG strategy is primarily aimed at reducing healthcare associated infections in infection control annual programme 5. 0 Infection Control Programme of Work 5. 1 IC Programme The infection control annual programme of work is prepared and delivered by the ICNs and approved at ICC. All elements of the programme mapped to the duties of the are Code of Practice. Progress against the programme of work is discussed at the quarterly

The infection control team should: Consist of at least an infection control practitioner who should be trained for the purpose; carry out the surveillance programme; develop and disseminate infection control policies; monitor and manage critical incidents; coordinate and conduct training activities. infection control annual programme Infection Prevention and Control Annual Programme Page 6 of 13 Approved by Infection Control Committee: May 2010 Approved by the Trust Board: Code of Practice Criteria Programme of work By whom (lead) By when ProgressOutcome 4. Ensure that patients presenting with an infection or who acquire an infection during The Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) programs annual report, , highlights the achievements and continued challenges facing infection control practices in Interior Health. The report summarizes the progress of programs, the annual infection rates and outlines the future strategic plans for the coming years. Content of an Infection Prevention and Control Plan Developed by: Libby Chinnes, RN, BSN, CIC, FAPIC Content of an Infection Prevention and Control Plan (page 2 of 2) V. Surveillance focus on highvolume, high risk and problem prone procedures A. Risk assessment B. Plan and description of monitored indicators 1. Outcome measures SSIs, etc. Jul 26, 2017  Infection Prevention and Control Annual Programme Infection Prevention and Control Annual Programme Approved by Infection Control& Decontamination Assurance Group: 17th May 2017 Ratified by the Board of Directors: Page 6 of 15 Drivers Ref. Actions Evidence Anticipated Outcome Lead By when RAG Comments Continued. .

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