Minelab explorer 2 programs

2020-02-18 12:23

The following program enables Minelab Explorer SE and II Pro to detect a few more desirable finds at the locations where other treasure hunters quit searching long time ago. The picture above shows the deepest hole that I had ever dug up at the hunted out site to recover a large coin, circa 18th century.Jun 18, 2012 Explorer XS programs! I was wondering if anyone out there has any good programs for for the XS? I just got one and I've been reading mastering the explorer but was hoping someone could help me out with some programs that have worked for you that I could try! minelab explorer 2 programs

Oct 25, 2015 beginners guide for minelab explorer s xs and 2 metal detectors NH beach metaldetecting beach metal detecting wet sand and rock pools surrounded by iron. test Minelab explorer 2 Duration: 20

Jan 05, 2011 I Need a great program for minelab explorer. coins Hey been having problems with finding a great program for coins. (deeper) I had a great one in machine for years and lost it and i just cant tweak it back were it was. Dec 19, 2012 Programs for Explorer II? Has anyone ever purchased Minelab Explorer II programs through Ebay? I am tempted to buying one to see if they really work better than the stock ones that come preprogramed on the machine. If anyone has ever bought one or has a bitchen program please help a brother out im still trying to master this explorer had it minelab explorer 2 programs Jul 30, 2016 EXPLORER XS and EXPLORER 2 Settings. Once you spend a day or two HUNTING FERROUS AND DOUBLING YOUR FINDS. . you will never go back to hunting in CONDUCTIVE! If by chance you have a saved program in all 6 already by push one of those will replace your old one with the new one. Now push the DETECT button.

Sep 23, 2013 Metal detecting discussion including metal detectors and accessories, Brands including XP, Minelab, Quest, Makro, Nokta, Teknetics, Rutus, Bottle Digging and fossil collecting. Explorer 2 program MDF Metal Detecting minelab explorer 2 programs Apr 02, 2014 beginners guide for minelab explorer s xs and 2 metal detectors Duration: 43: 25. NH beach metaldetecting 21, 177 views. 43: 25. Underwater Metal Detecting (Crazy Storm) using the minelab explorer in all metal mode. Westfield Publications (a div of Westfield Distribution Ltd), Unit 2, Station Yard, Station Road, Hungerford, the audio will then either go silent (null point) or spit. (If using Single Tone Programs) otherwise in multitone mode the Oct 27, 2011 help with explorer II beach settings! : Hi! First I want to thank anyone in advance. It's great how helpful everyone is. I am new to the exp II. It was a hand me down. After researching it to death and using it a lot, I am starting to really like Metal Detectors by Minelab delivers world's best metal detector technologies, which are used by hobbyists for gold prospecting or treasure hunting, as well as military and humanitarian demining organizations and countermine metal detection operations throughout the world.

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