Customer loyalty programs and privacy concerns

2020-02-27 12:11

Loyalty programs are a great way to earn freebies, frequent flier miles, or deals on products that customers will buy anyway. It is good for businesses too, as rewards programs encourage customers to make shopping at their store or website more of a priority or even a habit.May 13, 2011  Research if your favorite companies offer other incentives, such as, frequent flyer mile programs with airlines or car rental agencies cards may not be necessary. See if your paperplastic loyalty card has gone mobile there may be more secure ways to be rewarded for your loyalty via your smartphones mobile apps. customer loyalty programs and privacy concerns

Jun 12, 2013 Just 24 percent of consumers said they would not enroll in a loyalty program because it was a risk to their privacy. Those concerns are not stopping consumers from signing up for those programs

In this work, we provide the results of an empirical study which reveal that privacy concerns have an impact on the probability of participating in loyalty programs. We identify a privacy from loyalty programs but have high privacy concerns and second, for customers valuing the monetary benefits but avoid any solicitations [HHLP05. Overall, there might be types of data which are more critical to privacy than other customer loyalty programs and privacy concerns

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