Why is the nasa shuttle program ending

2020-02-28 21:38

Feb 02, 2017 The latter all already worked for NASA on the Space Shuttle and ISS programs. Beginning the Constellation program meant transferring people that were working Space Shuttle andor ISS to Constellation.At the time the space shuttle program ended, the three remaining shuttles had flown 25, 33, and 39 times respectively. They were designed for a lifetime of 100 flights each. why is the nasa shuttle program ending

Jul 04, 2011  As NASA prepares to launch its last space shuttle ending 30 years in which large teams of creative scientists and engineers sent winged spaceships into orbit it is facing what may be a bigger challenge: a brain drain that threatens to undermine safety as well as the agencys plans.

Oct 17, 2010 First of all, because it is time. The Shuttle is today the oldest flying manned spacecraft. Really. The Soyuz maybe looks still the same as it did in 1986, but was internally constantly upgraded, with the Soyuz TMAM version being in space for its first flight currently. NASA's Space Shuttle Program Officially Ends After Final Celebration. After similar celebrations at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, the last of these events took place Saturday (Aug. 27) at the home of the shuttle program, Johnson Space Center in why is the nasa shuttle program ending NASA's Proud Space Shuttle Program Ends With Atlantis Landing. Shuttle Atlantis and its fourastronaut crew glided home for the final time, ending a 13day journey of more than five million miles with a landing at 5: 57 a. m. EDT at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was the 26th night landing (20th night and 78th total landings at Kennedy)

When the Shuttle program came to an end in 2011, NASA started the Space Launch System Wikipedia SLS program, which was a slightly scaleddown and less expensive version of the Constellation program. why is the nasa shuttle program ending

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